A Philippines Itinerary for 14 Days: The adventure through 7,000 islands

Here‘s a sample of cities and beaches that you can include in your Philippines itinerary for 14 days:

  1. Manila
  2. Palawan
  3. Boracay
  4. Bohol

Picture this: Two weeks of endless laughter, breathtaking beaches, mouthwatering food, and unforgettable encounters in the vibrant archipelago of the Philippines! Buckle up and get ready for a rollicking ride as we guide you through the quirkiest corners of Manila, the most idyllic beaches, and the heartwarming embrace of Filipino culture. If you want to understand more about this beautiful country first, read my post on The Ultimate Guide to the Philippines first!

Day 1-3: The City of Manila

Motorcyclists ride through traffic

Manila reminds me of New York City, but the drivers on the road ignore the driving laws even more. Manila is a bustling, hectic city that offers non-stop entertainment and shopping till you drop. The malls are huge, and eating amazing food is found everywhere. I loved exploring Old Manila where you heart of the city lies including Manila Bay. Manila is also the start of where you can catch some of the best Filipino chain food such as Jollibee and Shakey’s.

*Pro Tip: Take a tour of Manila on a horse and carriage around the historic parts of Old Manila, but negotiate the price before you hop on.

Day 4-7: Palawan

Escape the city buzz and head to the stunning beaches of Palawan. There’s something so

About 15 feet deep in the water surrounded by fish

beautiful about visiting a place known for having the best beaches in the world. You can also view my post about some of the best beaches in the Philippines. From the otherworldly beauty of El Nido to the surreal underground river in Puerto Princesa, Palawan will leave you in awe. Be prepared for some beachside hilarity, whether you’re attempting to master the art of island hopping or striking epic poses for the perfect Instagram shot!

*Pro Tip: Save the money (if you can) and stay at a hotel that’s over the water. The stunning views and the experience is worth every penny.

Day 8-10: Tropical Paradise in Boracay

From Palawan, fly to Boracay. Famous for it’s iconic white sand beaches! Dive into the

You can have anything made or said for a few bucks

crystal-clear waters, try your hand at thrilling water sports, and don’t miss the legendary Boracay nightlife. Prepare to be entertained by fire dancers, and maybe even join in (just be sure to practice your dance moves first)! I stayed at Station 2 while here and I was close enough to walk to the nightlife and amazing dining of Station 1.

*Pro Tip: Take an island hoping tour that includes helmet diving. You’ll get up close and personal with hundreds off fish and it’s so much cheaper then you’d expect.

Day 11-14: The Serenity of Bohol

Lastly, fly over to Bohol, a gem in the Philippines. Bohol invites travelers to a paradise of

City view from my condo in Madaluyong

natural wonders and cultural treasures. Known for its iconic Chocolate Hills, a surreal landscape of perfectly cone-shaped hills. I enjoyed Bohol because of the amazing countryside and how friendly everyone was. I loved the simplicity and the history of this place, it’s a must for your trip to the Philippines.

Pro Tip: Bohol has some amazing seafood, being so close to both water and mountains. Don’t miss out on the amazing fish here.


Here is simple itinerary for your Philippines in 14 days. Two-weeks here gives you just enough to fall in love with the Philippines, and you’ll spend time your time back at home wondering when you can get back. Make sure you don’t miss the nightlife in Manila, or the pristine beauty of the many beaches the Philippines has to offer.

Happy Travels ✈️🌏

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