2 weeks in Norway itinerary

2 Weeks in Norway Itinerary: My Northern Odyssey

Oh, Norway – land of jaw-dropping fjords, mythical auroras, and the friendliest vikings you’ll ever meet. I embarked on a two-week adventure in 2015 through this enchanting country, and let me tell you, it was a rollercoaster of experiences, emotions, and oh-so-stunning landscapes. So grab your virtual Viking helmet, folks, as I take you on a whirlwind tour of my epic escapade through Norway. So let me now show you my 2 Weeks in Norway Itinerary.

2 weeks in Norway itinerary blog post

Norway’s majestic landscapes and family-centric culture make it a fantastic destination for a memorable family adventure. This 2 weeks in Norway itinerary guide is crafted to ensure that families traveling on a budget can experience the wonders of this Scandi paradise without stretching their wallets.

Days 1-3: Exploring Oslo with Kids

Start your Norway family travel by touching down in Oslo, the vibrant capital city teeming with child-friendly museums, parks, and attractions. Save your pennies by visiting Frogner Park with its free entry policy or take advantage of Oslo’s efficient public transportation system to get around.

Vigeland Sculpture Park is another free must-see attraction that will inspire and entertain children with its incredible collection of sculptures.

For a fun and educational indoor experience, visit the Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology, offering interactive exhibits for all ages. If you’re traveling during summer, don’t miss out on a day trip to the charming Bygdøy Peninsula, where you can explore the Viking Ship Museum and the Kon-Tiki Museum.

When hunger strikes, choose local ‘matpakke’—packed lunches—or dine in bistros offering ‘dagens rett’ (meal of the day) for an affordable sit-down meal. Oslo, with its cosmopolitan charm, sets the mood for the enriching family itinerary Norway still has in store for you.

Top sights to see in Oslo:

  1. Oslo Fjord
  2. Vigeland Sculpture Park
  3. Norwegian National Opera & Ballet
  4. Oslo City Hall
  5. Viking Ship Musuem

Days 3-6: Discover Tromso’s Arctic Allure

From Oslo, venture to Tromso, a city renowned for its stunning Arctic scenery. A budget-friendly Norway tip: book your Tromso activities online in advance to snap those early bird discounts. The Polar Museum and the Fjellheisen cable car offer family rates, and walking along Tromso Bridge provides panoramic views for free!

Tromso is also the stepping off point of seeing the Aurora Borealis. Many companies offer tours at night for the entire family. You’ll need a DSLR camera and a basic lens to see the lights. Check out my post here on night photography. Seeing the aurora borealis is a great family fun. Tromso has a tourist office where you could book a tour in person, or you can find a guide online.

The tour I took was with Arcticx. My guide was very informative, and he guaranteed that he would take us to see the lights. He’s been in business for over 20 years. He’s very knowledgeable and absolutely loves chasing the lights. He makes sure that everyone has an amazing time. He also carries extra gear in his truck, just case something of yours break. (Like my tripod did with a gust of wind.) The meal he serves is soup and it tastes so good. He also has water and snacks on hand. You’re welcome to bring your own though. I highly suggest using Dan through Arcticx if he’s free.

2 weeks in Norway itinerary blog post

Days 6-11: Fjord Fantasy from Bergen to Flam

A quintessential part of any 2 weeks in Norway itinerary is the Fjord tour. To keep it budget-friendly, choose the Norway in a Nutshell package which covers the ferry from Bergen to Flam and a ride on the scenic Flam Railway. Opt for self-catered stays in Flam’s guesthouses to further minimize dining expenses.

These days are filled with nature’s splendor, from the dramatic Nærøyfjord to the steep slopes of Flam Valley, proving you don’t need to spend much to experience the best parts of budget-friendly Norway.

Flam Railway Journey in Bergen

The Flam Railway takes you on an enchanting journey through the heart of Norway. Starting at sea level in the quaint village of Flam, the train ascends to Myrdal, offering panoramic views of pristine fjords and precipitous mountains.

This architectural wonder passes through 20 tunnels, each curve revealing another picturesque vista, culminating in a stop at the majestic Kjosfossen waterfall. With rich historical narratives at Myrdal’s charming old station, the Flam Railway isn’t just a travel choice; it’s a voyage through nature’s grandeur, earning its reputation as one of the world’s most incredible rail experiences.

Days 11-14: Winding Down from Bergen back to Oslo

Last leg of your trip – head back from Bergen to Oslo. Bergen’s Hanseatic charm offers many walkable sights, including the UNESCO-listed Bryggen Wharf that can be enjoyed for free. Board an evening train back to Oslo, giving your family one last chance to soak in Norway’s dramatic landscapes.

During these two weeks, remember to hydrate with Norway’s pristine tap water and snack on local fruits bought from farmers’ markets. Not only will you save, but you’ll also be indulging in some of Norway’s fresh, local flavors!

Traveling in Norway: Keeping it Budget-Friendly

Whether it’s capital cities or the countryside, there are myriad ways to keep your 2 weeks in Norway itinerary both family and budget-friendly. By planning and using these tips, your Norway family travel can go from dream to reality:

  • Schedule your trip during the shoulder seasons.
  • Book tours like Norway in a Nutshell early for discounts.
  • Stay in accommodations with kitchens to prepare your meals.
  • Use public transport over car rentals to see the sights.
  • Look for family discounts when visiting attractions.
  • Pack snacks and refillable water bottles for day trips.
  • Research activities that are free or have a minimal fee.
2 weeks in Norway itinerary


With thoughtful planning and these resourceful tips, your 2 weeks in Norway itinerary can be both magical and affordable. Norway beckons you and your loved ones to come and make memories that will be treasured for a lifetime, all the while keeping your budget intact. Say “ja!” to Norway, and experience the joy of exploration without the stress of overspending.

Norway is not just a destination; it’s an opportunity for families to explore, learn, and grow together. Get ready to be embraced by the warm Norwegian spirit and leave with stories to tell for years that cost you nothing but the trip there. Embark on your budget-friendly Norway tour and discover the endless beauty that’s waiting for you and your family.

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